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The Firm Gets The Job Done!
Congratulations to The Firm for its first ever championship in the 2011
Unseeded Nationals. With a resounding victory and two Unseeded
The Firm outdistanced C Cubed who finished in 2nd by
ten points in one of the biggest margins of victory in Unseeded history.
Third place was shared by veterans
Edwards and MP-UVA. In a difficult
year for the Unseeded, there were only 7 Unseeded All-Americans of
which 6 were picked by our coaches. The MOW award went to 4th
place finisher
Ben Kjar of team Edwards (by way of Utah Valley). For a
look at how all the Unseeded teams fared and the final results click on
the links below.
Thanks to all the Unseeded Coaches for another great year and a special thank
you to our generous corporate sponsors for making it all possible. Click on the
group picture above for more pics from the event.  Hope to see everyone in
St.Louis in 2012.
Ben Kjar, MOW 2011